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Trail runners need stability, and this starts from the feet. Trail Challenge running socks from UYN® were designed with this in mind. Their structure, including selective compression, supports and protects the foot, especially the sensitive Achilles tendon and ankle area. The material Natex, a 100% plant-based nylon fibre, guarantees optimal climate management.


Zero Strangle Cuffs
Flexible, anatomically shaped cuffs for reliable hold without constriction.

Anti Impactor
Frontal shock-absorbent 3D knitted structure that simultaneously guarantees efficient foot ventilation.

Cool Air Flow
3D micro-channel structure for air circulation; keeps feet dry and at a comfortable temperature.

Ergologic Footbed
Anatomically shaped footbed for athletic stresses and movement.

Feather Run Zone
Intelligent, low-friction, intensively-ventilating protective structure below the ankle.

Intericor Ankle Guard
Asymmetric malleolus protection integrated in the shin. Reduces pressure during activity.

Light Compress IQ
Smart compression to increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles.

Preshock Shield
Absorbs shocks and protects the sensitive Achilles tendon with a 3D knitted structure.

Target-Compression Bandage
Double asymmetric bandage with perspiration integrated. For localized compression exactly where needed.


Interwoven with regular yarn, the advanced silver metal yarn ZERODOR achieves an antistatic and antimicrobial effect. In this way, it prevents the formation of unpleasant odors, giving UYN garments a long-lasting feeling of freshness and comfort. ZERODOR silver ions are indissolubly integrated into the fibers, where they retain their properties and are resistant to washing and wear.

NATEX is a 100% bio-based nylon fiber. NATEX garments dry up to 50% faster than comparable nylon socks.



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